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About us

With 50 years of experience, and a credible strong pro-active approach, we offer a perfect service for multichannel retailers and brands.

Across the different product categories, we always put forward profitable proposals and put together complete purchase agreements, thereby taking full advantage of the identity and creative flair of Italy’s manufacturing market.

Marini & Bettazzi can offer you a clear presence in the Italian supply market, pooling knowledge and always getting the utmost competitive advantage from the best suppliers, to allow you lower costs and fewer risks, with the certainty of constantly receiving goods that are well-suited to your own range.


Scouting, Development, Sourcing, Supervise


  • Exclusive buying office service
  • In Europe since 1959
  • Acknowledged guarantee of reliability
  • In-depth knowledge of the local market

Knowing how products are made means having more choice, ensuring quality and adding value, with a view to selling distinctive goods. Constant updates and information also lead to new discoveries.


  • Comparative offers
  • Complete purchase agreements
  • best price / quality ratio
  • Listening to the buyer’s needs

We carefully handle relations on behalf of our clients, and always work with the suppliers to achieve the best purchasing conditions.


  • Knitwear / yarns
  • Footwear / leather
  • Textiles
  • Food

We give a high value to the speciality of each supplier, and their ability to meet your brand identity, the necessary standards of quality and the appropriate regulations.


  • Product development
  • In-house samples’ check / hold
  • Tailored order management
  • Supervision & accuracy

Our goal is to make sure that everything works, all the time. To do this, we look carefully at every aspect of supply.

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